Saturday, June 16, 2012

[SBX2] Level 1 almost Finished


Ack this weekend is crazy, too much work.  And by too much work I mean too much time at work.  I like working, but my job is basically sitting around all day and driving to buildings to check readings.  It's fairly extremely boring work.  I need to be creating! developing! making things!  And thus I have SBX2.  Also, I found the original Space Blaster and Space Blaster 2 which were my first 2 games with Game Maker that spurred the idea for SBX.  For some reason they run on another computer but do not run on my lap top.  I will figure out how to get them working hopefully then add them in a special package on Yoyo games for you to try (they are really simplistic games ^_^).


Well Level 1 is available to play in the latest file here:

We've got some screen shots today so I'll tell a little about what I have added so far.

First we have Level 1!  There are some nice planets and asteroids in the background.  I have also fixed the parallax scrolling script and reduced my objects of it to 1: that I feed in the sprite, location, depth and movement factor.  Then it creates and makes the planets move slightly in comparison to the player, which you can compare in later screen shots.  (The portal behind the radar screen in the top left corner opens up when all the enemies are dead.)

There is also a nice Asteroid Field that you can navigate through to fight some enemies behind it.
Also note the planet is in a different position way in the background.  (And I've figured out some new planetary image making techniques to make it look nicer.)

Here you can navigate through a patch of debris and destruction to gain access to your 3rd weapon:  The Spreader.  It will automatically equip to your third slot if it's free (which it is the first time you play the level.)
Note also the flame graphics and the use of the new tile set.

And BAM the spreader fires a spread of 5 shots that slowly spread out.  They also do more damage than they used to.  Which helps.  I guess.

And lastly today we have the Auto Docking Station.  There will be a teleport object that will take you to a story line area inside the docking station that will let you unlock access to the Auto Shop in the Map.  I'll start working on the Auto Shop once I get some free days to put it together nicely.

Some other things added are:
- New Mouse Cursor Sprites (will be more later too)
- New Icon for the game.
- Revised Dialogue in the control room of the starting area (where General B is dying).
- Upgraded Scripts for enemies.

Coming Soon:
- 4 new Add On items!  I'll add these in and let you test them with a special Code later that takes you to a special test room with buttons to let you swap them mid level.
- Custom Loading Screen.
- Auto Docking Station (Let's you equip upgrades yay!)
- A new character!
- Explorable areas in Level 1.  (Areas like the cave of trials in the tutorial zone)

And much, much more.

Well I really should be sleeping right now.   So that's that!

Ciao Minna-san,


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