Saturday, June 30, 2012

[SBX2] Auto Shop Completed

  Well, I am glad to announce that I finally have an air conditioner in my house.  This 100+ degree weather was taking a toll on my indoor temperature, but now it is nice and cool!  Yay.

  I sat down, and coded for 4 straight hours and finished the Auto Shop!  There are a few items in the game to get so far, and now you can equip them!  As I make more items you'll be able to go to the auto shop to access them.  Also there were some minor additions to the game as well, such as a delete file function that resets a file (which apparently is a bit bugged, don't hit it unless you want to delete a file, esc doesn't work atm).  There are also some stars in the background of the map area to make it look a little better as well.

So let's look at some screens:

At the bottom there is now a Delete File selection to erase old files and reset the information in the save file.

Here is the Auto Upgrade Shop!  Found just above level 1 after you rescue Floyd and leave the area, you are able to access the Auto Shop and equip your collected items!  There are 4 pages starting with weapons, and continuing to generators, add-ons and boosters.

While the on the weapons page you have to click the weapon and then click a slot, the other 3 pages require only one click on the item  you need.  Because there is only one place to put it :).

And here is the update video:

What is coming soon:
- Explorable areas in level 1
- Level 2
- More items, weapons, enemies

Stay tuned for new updates and if you subscribe to my blog or youtube channel, you might just get some special neat goodies in the future!  

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