Monday, June 4, 2012

[SBX] Small Update to Level 3

So finally, I have moved into my new place.  Half of my shit is still sitting around my living room, but I have begun to organize it into shelves and areas around my house.  I have the master bedroom, which is probably the largest room I have ever lived in, although half of it is filled with half full boxes.  In between trying to set up internet at our place and working, things are coming along slowly.  Nicely, but slowly.

I also got a job promotion!  Chyea!  I have been promoted from a mechanic and operator to a stationary engineer.  Sweet.  Now I can nerd out with all my REAL engineer friends, because  my job title has the word "Engineer" in it, despite the fact it doesn't really have anything to do with real engineering.

Also, my best friend has moved here to Colorado with me and is living with me until I get married next year.  He's also going to be my best man.  He's also testing out SBX and giving me some feedback, which leads us to the main topic:

No screen shots this time, but there is a small update to SBX.

The main thing is that I extended the colored laser sensors in Level 3 to stay lit for five times as long on EASY mode.  On hard mode, you will still have to rush all over to get them all lit, but that room was easily one of the hardest areas early on in SBX.

Now it falls in line more with ease of play and lets you experience the other levels if you were stuck there.

If you were one of those people who tried and failed at the color room in level 3, try again! It's much easier.

Also there was a bug where if you died right as a boss died, there would be an error and crash the game.  I added a check to the code in the boss HP control objects to bypass this bug.

So there is a small update, as we get internet at our place and don't have to use a net cafe to post and work on stuff, there will be more updates to SBX and JD.

I also would like to continue progress on SBX2, as it could turn into quite a fun game.  Of course I would need to once again get a sound artist, but that's minor stuff, I would like to avoid using copy written music.

Well that's it for now, hopefully the next update will have some more bosses for the endless level.
(Also I'm thinking about reworking the Detonator to explode on impact rather than press and release).



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