Thursday, June 21, 2012

[SBX2] Demo Video 1


Well I just got a little video developing program called Debut (Lite Version) in order to make some videos on SBX2 and some of my other games.

Granted I am not a video editing professional, nor do I do it very often so bear with, I'm just posting them to youtube as is.  This is a video demonstrating the new add-ons to SBX2:  The BoostPlus and the TeleJump.  They are two cool mobility based add-ons.

Feel free to enjoy the video and let me know what you think of SBX2!

From time to time I am going to start adding demo videos to my blog and youtube to get the game out there and hopefully build a little bit of a fan base.

Once I get a new computer I may start streaming my programming work as well, as some other game designers seem to do.

Well, just a quick update for today, got a bit work done because I was prohibited from procrastinating on game design (THANKS A LOT RIOT GAMES).

Jk, but with the LoL servers down,  it was good to get some work done.



  1. That's pretty cool. I'd like to submit an idea for your next one: A video of you defeating the final boss of SBX.
    I can't beat it, and I'm sure there are others who are curious about your strategy too.

  2. Haha, I'll video beating the last boss of SBX... um I think I can do it ^_^

    It's been a while but that's a good idea.