Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[SBX2] Level 1 story + TeleJump Add-on added to the game!


Well I finished the story area for Level 1 where you meet Floyd, the Mechanic.  You first have to kill all the enemies then travel to the Auto Docking Station where you will encounter the Aerospace Mechanic, Floyd.

After talking to him for a bit he will agree to be your mechanic and both Level 2 and the Auto Shop will unlock.

Once you exit, you can go back to the portal and exit back out to the map to see the new levels highlighted.

Clicking on them will take you to the Tutorial Level for now, until they get real levels put in.  So don't bother unless you really want to.

Here is a screen shot of the Auto Docking Station (Floyd has left already in this screen shot).

Also I have a new Add-On in the game!  It's called the TeleJump and by right clicking when it is charged, you can jump to anywhere within your view instantly, leaving behind an after image!   Be  careful because it can easily get you killed.  But it's great for escaping enemies, dodging bullets and getting a good shot on a baddie.  

Here are some screen shots of the new Add-On and interface for it (Note the mouse has a new sprite when you have the TeleJump equipped ^_^):

As you are waiting for it to charge, both your mouse icon and the Jump Meter are darkened and faded a bit.  As you get closer to filling up, the addon on your ship will begin to spin faster and faster until....

...your Meter is fully charged and you are ready for a Teleport Jump.  Your mouse will begin to glow and your add-on image on the ship will be spinning rapidly.  Then you can move your mouse around and right click on the map to...

...teleport your ship to a new location.  As you can see below, as soon as you teleport, an after image is left at your previous location that quickly fades away, letting you know where exactly you were, as well as looking pretty cool.  Use this mobility Add-On to escape from enemy fire, hop over walls, and dodge charging enemies!!!

Well since the Auto Shop is not programmed in yet, for you fans and readers of the blog, I have a special name entry code that will let you try out the TeleJump.

When you start a new file, type in the name:  "Teleport" and then after you beat the tutorial area and enter the Galactic Map, you will see a message saying "It's teleportin time" or something like that.  When you enter Level 1, you will have the TeleJump equipped and ready for use!

The new file is now available here at:

Be sure to comment on the blog about what you like about SBX2, give constructive feedback, and let me know what you think overall!

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for new updates coming soon!


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